Friday, 24 June 2011

Passing By With Beer - Dad Review Included...

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"I loved receiving the new album of soundz, “Passing by with beer” – there is a definite maturing of your style and creativity. The use of collected sounds and reworked melodies gives the whole presentation an almost ‘lyrical’ quality to it. There are subtle, half guessed at narratives, submerged within a sea of ripples which at various point briefly surface to reveal a certain clarity of thought only to be lost again in the depths.

1.55 took me right back to my Gamelan days with the accentuated overtones of the guitar ringing and distorting. The bird song motif which reappears in 6.05 gives the whole album a solid structure against which reality can slam home in 0.52. There is a sudden realisation that everything that has gone before is but a magnificent prelude to the real which is presented with humour, subtle observation and a shout out to Jimi Hendrix.

The two parts to the album, although distinctly different in style, work brilliantly together; the contrast is timed to perfection and lifts the whole from just a collection of interesting sounds to a coherent whole. My only minor gripe is the title – you do yourself an injustice. It is so much more than a throw-away line (surely it's worth a single malt at least). This is the real deal Matt! Give that man an electric Hurdy-Gurdy and a new effects pedal. I want to hear more."

Stepen Moore

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